Stakeholder Comments and Recommendations

H-GAC’s stakeholders have concerns about apparent inaccuracies of bacteria monitoring. They were particularly troubled by recent mapping that showed assessment units located in the middle of a segment having no bacteria impairment while the rest of the segment - upstream and downstream - was impaired for contact recreation. In response, H-GAC and local partner agencies will ensure there is an active monitoring site within every assessment unit in question.

Local partners have expressed concern over current local budget limitations. During the coordinated monitoring meeting, participants looked for more opportunities to eliminate duplication of effort while still maintaining good monitoring coverage throughout the region.

Local stakeholders have expressed concern on numerous occasions that ambient monitoring is not adequate for demonstrating success in the reduction of various pollutants throughout the region. Therefore, many stakeholders have shown greater interest in the development of watershed protection plans and subsequent BMP monitoring that will show improvements in a much shorter time frame and more distinct area. H-GAC is working with local stakeholders in the development of numerous WPPs. CRP monitoring is the foundation upon which each of these plans are expanding their monitoring efforts.

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