• Continue to expand ambient monitoring by adding new local agencies to the Regional Water Quality Monitoring QAPP.

  • Work with local agencies to implement management measures recommended in the BIG I- Plan for Bacteria.

  • Continue to support Watershed Protection Planning and implementation of WPPs throughout the region.

  • Continue Habitat Assessments in priority watersheds to help determine appropriate aquatic life uses.

  • Continue to expand Texas Stream Team Monitoring in priority areas.

  • Support development and approval of a Regional Non Point Source Database.

  • Support the development and maintenance of the regional BMP and OSSF databases.

  • Continue to work and expand public outreach for PCB/Dioxin TMDL and San Jacinto Waste Pits Superfund Processes.

  • Continue to work with the TCEQ Standards Team on the development of Nutrient Standards for water bodies through out the region.

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