Regional Flood Management Planning

The Regional Flood Management Council (RFMC) was created by the H-GAC Board of Directors in February to carry out H-GAC's Floodplain Management Policy. Members of the council represent the 13 counties in H-GAC, cities with a population of greater than 50,000, river authorities in the region and four additional representatives.

The RFMCs purpose is to assist and advise elected officials in their decision-making responsibilities by making recommendations on issues related to all aspects of flood management in the Gulf Coast Planning Region. The RFMC meets quarterly so floodplain administrators and others working in flood management can acquire new knowledge on a wide range of topics, such as benchmarks and drainage plans. Members can also brainstorm solutions to situations they have encountered in their communities. In the past few years, H-GAC staff, with guidance from RFMC members, developed a Flood Management Handbook and provided an assortment of training opportunities. In 2010, H-GAC hosted five workshops with a total of 241 individuals attending. The Flood Management Handbook provides an overview of best flood management practices including planning and mitigation techniques, regulatory tools and funding resources available to local governments in the H-GAC region. It was designed to help floodplain managers work more effectively with elected officials, developers and landowners to reduce flood damage to life and property.

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