Failing OSSF Initiative (Failing Septic System Initiative)

H-GAC, in partnership with GBEP, conducted the Failing Septic System Initiative, which focused on bacterial contamination, source identification methods for bacteria, and strategies to address issues with malfunctioning or failing septic facilities. The study was completed in the Westfield Estates neighborhood and is adjacent to Hall's Bayou. H-GAC conducted water sampling at neighborhood drainage ditches, locations within Hall's Bayou and the Sunbelt Freshwater District's wastewater treatment plant outfall.

Half of the drainage ditches sampled as well as some of the locations sampled within Hall's Bayou had levels of E. coli bacteria that were well above the State's criteria standards for contact recreation -- 19 percent of the bacteria tested were from human sources, 35 percent from canines, 11 percent from domestic poultry, and the remaining 35 percent could not be determined. In response, neighborhood stakeholders met and recommended that the community eventually be serviced by municipal sanitary sewers and wastewater treatment. This study was particularly integral to the development of the Westfield Estates Watershed Protection Plan.

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