Dickinson Bayou

Dickinson Bayou watershed, located in Galveston and Brazoria counties, encompasses approximately 100 square miles of land that drains water into the bayou. TCEQ determined that parts of Dickinson Bayou have impairments for both elevated levels of bacteria and low DO. In August 2000, the TCEQ initiated a TMDL project for low DO, and a TMDL project for bacteria in August 2006. Both TMDL projects are in progress. The Texas Coastal Watershed Program, under contract with TCEQ, has been coordinating stakeholder involvement, via the Dickinson Bayou Watershed Partnership, on the TMDL projects and the development of a WPP. H GAC has been a partner and participant in these efforts. The WPP was published Dickinson Bayou Watershed Partnership in February 2009, and is currently undergoing revisions based on comments by the EPA.

See the full plan here.  (PDF 6.03MB)

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