OSSF database

Various studies and planning processes have identified a need for an inventory of Onsite Sewage Facilities (OSSF) in the region. The H-GAC began this groundbreaking task, which will be an essential part of current and future water quality planning efforts. Building on past efforts, H-GAC worked with local governments and the TCEQ to develop a comprehensive database of OSSF for the 13-county region. As of December 2010, H-GAC had collected and mapped more than 72,000 permitted facilities in the region. H-GAC continues to work with local governments to collect data and map the locations of permitted facilities.

The next phase of this project involves comparing land-use parcel data to existing OSSF records and the service boundary maps for wastewater treatment facilities to identify areas that may have unpermitted facilities. Often known as grandfathered or bootlegged facilities, the facilities are likely to be failing or in disrepair because of either age or poor design and installation. A comprehensive, regional database of OSSF tied to a GIS will provide benefits both to regional and local water quality planning and also to enforcement by local governments.

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