7Q2 Seven-day, two-year low-flow. NRCS Natural Resources Conservation Service
AWRL Ambient Water Reporting Limit O-P Orthophosphate
BMP Best Management Practices PL Pearland
BOD Biochemical Oxygen Demand QA Quality Assurance
CBOD Carbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand QM Quality Manual
CMS Coordinated Monitoring Schedule QAO Quality Assurance Officer
COC Chain of Custody QAPP Quality Assurance Project Plan
COG Council of Governments QAS Quality Assurance Specialist
CR Contact Recreation QC Quality Control
CRP Clean Rivers Program QMP Quality Management Plan
DO Dissolved Oxygen RL Reporting Limit
DQO Data Quality Objective RWA Receiving Water Assessment
EIH Environmental Institute of Houston, University of Houston - Clear Lake SJRA San Jacinto River Authority
EPA Environmental Protection Agency SOP Standard Operating Procedure
FC Fecal Coliform SWQM Surface Water Quality Monitoring
FY Fiscal Year TAG Technical Advisory Group
GBEP Galveston Bay Estuary Program TCEQ Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
GCHD Galveston County Health District TDS Total Dissolved Solids
GIS Geographic Information System TMDL Total Maximum Daily Load
GPS Global Positioning System TOC Total Organic Carbon
HCEPHD Harris County Environmental Public Health Division TRACS TCEQ Regulatory Activities and Compliance System
H-GAC Houston-Galveston Area Council TSWQS Texas Surface Water Quality Standards
HHS City of Houston Health and Human Services TSS Total Suspended Solids
LCRA Lower Colorado River Authority UAA Use Attainability Analysis
MPN Most Probable Number USGS United States Geological Survey
NCR Noncontact Recreation VOC Volatile Organic Carbon
NELAC National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference VSS Volatile Suspended Solids
NPS Nonpoint Source Pollution WQC City of Houston Water Quality Control

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