Rural and Undeveloped Areas

The northern watersheds of the San Jacinto River Basin are primarily undeveloped areas with scattered small towns and communities. Land uses are generally a mix of residential and commercial, with large acreages used for grazing. The Sam Houston National Forest is located in this area of the basin. Lake Conroe is also located in the northern portion of the basin. The lake is used both for recreation and for public water supply for the City of Houston and surrounding towns and communities. Much of the land north of the lake is undeveloped, while there is dense residential development along the shoreline. These northern watersheds drain into Lake Houston, the primary source of drinking water for the Houston-Galveston region's population. Other watersheds in the basin that are predominantly undeveloped include the Caney Creek watershed, the Peach Creek watershed, and the East Fork of the San Jacinto River watershed, in which the Sam Houston National Forest is located.

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