Texas Clean Marinas Program

The TCEQ Clean Texas Marinas Program is designed to enhance water quality and environmental compliance by implementing a voluntary certification program for recreational boaters and marina operators. The program enables marinas to be recognized for their efforts in environmental responsibility. It addresses such areas as marina siting, design, and maintenance, storm water management, petroleum control, sewage handling, and waste containment. Participation is voluntary and shows a marina's commitment to keeping Texas boating areas safe and clean.

Over 60 of the 357 marinas currently inventoried in the Clean Texas Marinas Program are located in the H-GAC region. Prior to 2007 H-GAC worked directly with local marinas to distribute a brochure to all boaters discussing proper ways to handle boater sewage. H-GAC also printed and distributed recipes for eco-friendly boat cleaners, and championed the used fishing line recycling program.

While there is still a great need, H-GAC was unable to identify a viable funding source to continue these important programs. Texas Sea Grant still continues promoting and supporting the program and works cooperatively with the Galveston Bay Estuary Program. Additionally, The Galveston Bay Foundation, a local nonprofit dedicated to protecting and preserving Galveston Bay, conducts some boater education programs.

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