Environmental Awareness Roundtable

H-GAC communications staff kicked off the Environmental Awareness Roundtable (EAR) in 2006 as a means to facilitate idea-sharing between city staff, county staff and community organizations to create effective environmental awareness campaigns. The EAR meets quarterly and has covered such topics as:

In 2010, the workshop series was attended by more 200 people. Presentations from past workshops are available online. Workshop topics since 2008 include:

  • Planning successful Earth Day events

  • Expanding audiences for environmental messages / reaching beyond the choir

  • Effective outreach on a budget

  • Measuring results of environmental outreach

  • Yardwise

  • Effective tips and tools for dealing with the Media

  • Surfing the new wave of volunteerism in America

  • Communicating your message

  • Latino outreach partnerships and opportunities

  • A Nurtured World: Education for environmental responsibility and a sustainable world

  • Environmental education in schools/ working with schools

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