H-GAC Clean Rivers Program Steering Committee

H-GAC's Clean Rivers Program is guided by a Steering Committee that serves as the primary forum for discussion of various water quality issues raised through the assessment process and advises staff on all administrative matters related to the Clean Rivers Program, including developing work plans and budgets, monitoring of progress toward project milestones and reviewing the draft and final basin reports and other work items.

The Steering Committee brings together all the key agencies and interested parties whose involvement and coordination is critical to the Clean Rivers process.

The Steering Committee:

  • sets area-wide priorities based on its deliberations of water quality issues, which then translate into work plan and budget priorities;

  • provides a regional perspective and local expertise and experience to the assessment process;

  • serves as a resource for project staff to obtain water quality data and background information, and to identify appropriate contacts within agencies and organizations;

  • communicates the concerns and priorities of the groups each member represents, solicits input from within those groups, and helps to disseminate information from the Clean Rivers Program back to these groups; and

  • provides another opportunity for public input into the Clean Rivers process by setting aside time for public comments and questions at all committee meetings.

H-GAC's Steering Committee includes representatives of local government, state and federal agencies, and key interest groups, as well as several members of H-GAC's

NRAC. The Steering Committee normally meets at HGAC's offices in Houston two to three times per year, although this varies based on the timing of project milestones and administrative needs.

Clean Rivers Program Partners

As part of the Regional Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP), H-GAC works with local agencies to conduct water quality monitoring throughout the region. Clean Rivers Program Partners meet quarterly to discuss monitoring challenges, such as sampling protocols or equipment problems, and to serve as a forum to share information from the TCEQ regarding quality assurance or data management issues.

Partners Include:

  • City of Houston Department of Water Quality Control

  • City of Houston Department of Health and Human Services*

  • City of Pearland

  • Environmental Institute of Houston*

  • Harris County Environmental Public Health Division

  • H-GAC*

  • San Jacinto River Authority - Lake Conroe Division

  • San Jacinto River Authority - Woodlands Division

  • TCEQ Region 12

    *Monitoring sites funded wholly or partially by the Clean Rivers Program.

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