Basin Issues

Through its assessment activities, advisory committees and the local public input made possible by the Texas Clean Rivers Program, H-GAC continues to maintain an inventory of issues facing the region's water quality management agencies and residents.

The overriding, long-term challenge for regional water quality management will be to maintain and, where possible, improve the quality of area waterways despite the cumulative impacts that will come with projected population growth and ongoing urban development. Among the challenges:

  • Increased wastewater generation that impacts an already high capacity system

  • Protection of source water for increased water supply needs from Lake Houston, Lake Conroe and other drinking water supply sources

  • Increased demand on waters for contact recreational uses such as canoeing and kayaking along creeks and in lakes and bays

  • Increased land disturbance and more impervious surfaces associated with ongoing development, generating nonpoint source pollution from a wider geographic area

  • Altered drainage patterns resulting from flood damage reduction measures

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