Descriptive Overview of the Basins

The H-GAC region includes 13 counties in southeast Texas. The City of Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States, is the center point of the region. Parts of the San Jacinto River Basin boundaries spill into two outlying counties. The region includes four basins containing a total of 39 watersheds encompassing 51 classified segments. Land uses range from scattered development with large acreages of undeveloped land to dense industrial development, which provides a challenging array of issues for water quality management. The San Jacinto River's headwaters are in regions of undeveloped land used primarily for grazing. Scattered small towns and communities are found along the San Jacinto. Further downstream is more dense development from the northern suburbs of Houston through the core of city and to the highly industrial Houston Ship Channel, where the river drains into Galveston Bay and ultimately to the Gulf of Mexico. The coastal basins typically drain from agricultural areas to moderately dense urban settings. The southwestern portion of the San Jacinto Brazos Coastal Basin and the San Bernard River segments drain through small rural communities, industrial areas, coastal wetlands and estuaries, to bays and then the Gulf of Mexico.

Clean Rivers Program Assessment Basins
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