In 1991, the Texas Legislature passed the Texas Clean Rivers Act, reauthorized in 1997, to move Texas toward comprehensive water resources planning and management and to ensure the integrity of the state's water supply over the long term. The Clean Rivers Act requires an ongoing assessment of water quality issues and management strategies statewide to guide water resources policy and decision-making. The Act established the Texas Clean Rivers Program under the Texas Water Commission (now the TCEQ). The Clean Rivers Act requires River Authorities to prepare written reports for the Governor, TCEQ, the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board (TSSWCB) and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department on the results of the basin assessment process in their respective basins.

Regionally, the Houston-Galveston Area Council is the state-designated lead assessment agency to conduct Clean Rivers Program activities in the San Jacinto River Basin, the Trinity-San Jacinto Coastal Basin, the San Jacinto-Brazos Coastal Basin and the Brazos-Colorado Coastal Basin. H-GAC oversees all aspects of the Clean River Program in these basins. This Basin Summary Report outlines water quality issues confronting the entire basin as well as individual streams, lakes, bayous and bays based on public and committee input and technical analysis of historical, current and projected trends in water quality.

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